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Currently there are quite a lot of documents online, but most of them are network based. Especially learning website design sales, you should learn woocommerce, this is the best WordPress plugin to support online sales today.

When looking for study materials, you should source the full source from A-Z. Systematic documents should be avoided because the risk of learning in the middle cannot be done, does not understand and does not know who to ask.

After a 30-minute WordPress course on Edumall Topica, many students asked how to learn how to design a sales website. Bình shared that the above course helped you create information, introduction and news websites. Sales web design needs to learn more about Woocommerce.

Nowadays, as the rate of users surfing the web on mobile devices is increasing, a mobile phone website will bring many benefits such as: - You can access your website from any device. more customers.– Increase user experience and retain your customers.– Increase the competitive advantage of other websites, specifically Google announced that it will prioritize rankings for friendly websites. on their mobile search engine.– Mobile marketing is more effective

To make a mobile phone website, you can use many different techniques, here are the three most commonly used techniques.
Responsive Design

Responsive Design or responsive design, this is the current popular technique. This technique uses the same html source code for both computers and mobile devices, with a combination of CSS, Javascript that helps the website to automatically respond to many different screen sizes and website links ( URL) has not been changed.

* html, css, javascript are the languages ​​to build websites

You can easily check if a website uses this technique, by scaling the browser and tracking forgiveness

The first is the title tag optimization. Title or title should only contain 30-60 characters and especially when the keyword priority at the beginning will help SEO content more standard.

The next factor we need to optimize is the URL, to ensure that Google and users can easily identify the URL will not have any signs, the words are separated by hyphens (-).

As seen in the above URL is completely unsigned and especially contains keywords to make SEO better.

Especially, your website must not contain malicious code so that users can access it well.
Step 4: Build quality backlinks

Backlink, also known as textlink, will help you get a number of traffic to help your website become more prestigious and faster to TOP. SEO.

Build backlinks on websites with relevant content to avoid spam reviews or traffic without conversion rates.

Note that you should not build backlinks from malicious websites to avoid penalizing your website.
Step 5: Continue creating content and waiting

Web development company

Why do companies need web design?
Even if you do not plan to sell online, a well-designed website is very important. That's the opinion of Tim W. Knox - founder, president and CEO of four successful technology companies: B2Secire Inc., a software management company; Digital Graphiti Inc., a software development company; Sidebar Systems, a software development company for media outlets; and Online Profits 4U, an electronic business that aims to help start-ups and developers start online businesses.
My company is very small, it consists of me and two more employees, and our products can not be sold online. Do I really need a website?
This is a good question. In fact, this is one of the most important and frequently asked questions in today's digital age. However, before answering, please review for the first time when I was asked this question. It was around 1998, the first years of the Internet.

After completing the 4 steps above, you have achieved 90% at this time, please temporarily forget the keywords that build content and user-friendly experience. Please constantly update the quality articles to bring long-term success to stand on the rank that you have achieved.

As a newbie in the SEO industry, you certainly cannot help but be confused by the numerous SEO terms and knowledge, including seo keyword planning. But you are not alone. I am here to help you.

And if you already have some background knowledge, you're probably in the wrong place. You can learn more about the effective keyword research that GTV SEO currently applies. It will be more useful to you!

This article will help you understand what seo keywords are, how to research seo keywords and build a solid foundation of SEO and other related skills.

What is seo keyword?

A seo keyword (or keyword) is a word or short phrase that describes the topic of a web page. In fact, the keyword is the search query you type into the search engine before hitting enter and waiting for the results to appear.

When a person searches on Google for "men's basketball shoes," Google tries to identify the topic and intention the user is searching for. From there, give a list of websites related to that content.

If your website uses the exact terms users search for as a keyword, a part of the term (basketball shoes) or related terms (like men's shoes, Adidas, top basketball shoes) Google may show up. Marketing your page first.
Why are keyword seo important?

Just one word: ROI.

    Identify keywords - choosing the right keyword phrase and using the right SEO standards is one of the simple and effective ways to send users to your website.

SEO in marketing is often called "variation" website so that Google likes it and rank higher than competitors. This is an essential factor to the success of a business. And of course, keywords will play an important role in SEO.

Web development company

    What is SEO? 6 Unexpected SEO benefits! Find out now!

Users can access your site in a variety of ways, including:

    Referral (link from other site)
    Social media
    Direct traffic (enter your URL or click on the bookmark link, even search for keywords with your brand name)

However, for online shopping, organic search accounts for the highest percentage of traffic (38.98%). It is more than direct traffic (35.88%), referral (19.34%) and social (3.91%)
What is organic search?

Organic Search is the natural search behavior of users on search engines (Search Engine) in order to find a certain result. Organic Search does not include paid search results.

Organic search refers to the result of the algorithm Google chooses because it satisfies the needs of its readers.

And organic search accounts for 94.95% of all search traffic and 35.21% of total traffic. This means that only 1.97% of all traffic comes from buyers who directly click on paid ads. Although these ads often contain above-the-fold content, display content before the reader.

Therefore, identifying target keywords is not only effective but also cost effective.

You only gain ROI when you target the exact set of seo keywords.

91.5% of search traffic comes from the top search results (SERP) pages.

In particular, the top 3 results accounted for 61.5% of clicks and the top 1 accounted for 32.5%. If you are not in the top 10 on search results, you will have very little traffic.

Do you admit that you should never click on page 2 or later on the SERP.

Good SEO helps:

    Increase the number of visitors and rankings on the SERP
    Bring more conversion (conversion), engagement (approach) better
    Improve brand awareness

In a recent survey of marketing experts shows:

48% of participants ranked keyword research into one of the most effective SEO strategies, helping to determine website rankings. It is second only to the "content creation link

5. Jimdo

If you want to create a free website without getting frustrated with the lack of features, try Jimdo. All of these website creation software packages will provide everything you need to create a professional HTML5-enabled website, including templates, photo galleries, Google Maps integration, plenty of storage and Unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to customize editing is also easy.

Sign up for Jimdo's paid service for $ 5 / month and get your own domain name, an online store, SEO features, and statistical reports.
6. BigCommerce

Do you have products to sell online? BigCommerce is a great way to create beautiful e-commerce websites with ready-made templates with lots of customization options. The website interface editor allows you to make changes without knowing the code, but, you can still customize it entirely using HTML, CSS and other programming languages ​​if you like.

Basic plan will cost you $ 29.95 / month for a full featured website and if your business grows then BigCommerce can expand the size of the website to suit your needs.
7. Webflow

Webflow - California-based web software is an amazingly simple platform that gives users a variety of support features that can build their own website.

Web development company

Perfect for designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs, Webflow is a web design tool, CMS and all-in-one storage platform. Create your dream website and update content without knowing any code. Paid plans start from $ 12 per month.

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